A review or a whitewash?

President Obama said that a 90 day review to determine whether or not Government agencies shared information related to the Boston Marathon bombers. The President said this is standard procedure and that he believes the “FBI performed its duties, the Department of Homeland Security did what its supposed to be doing.” The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said through a spokesman that he believes his agencies shared info properly. If by that they mean letting terrorists go after investigating them and unconstitutionally shutting down a city and entering people’s homes without warrants then he is correct.

In reality these agencies didn’t perform their duties. The FBI performed an investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, without telling the Massachusetts State Police terror task force according to David Procopio their spokesman. The CIA and the FBI both had the terrorist on watch lists because of warnings received by the Russian Government but he was not surveilled, stopped from traveling to Russia or even questioned as to what he did there. This isn’t the first time the government missed the warning signs of Islamic terrorism. The FBI also investigated Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter. They found him to not be a threat despite giving speeches praising Jihad and exchanging emails with Anwar Al Awlaki. They concluded the emails were related to his professional research. His attack was chalked up as an incident of workplace violence. The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that took place on September 11th occurred despite warnings that al quaeda was active in the area and requests for more security. The administration blamed the attack on a YouTube video and the survivors of the attack have not been publicly allowed to speak about what occurred.

Missing the warning signs in these cases was not an accident but the result of Obamas policies. This president spent years criticizing the Patriot Act that was used by the Bush administration to break up terror cells in the US and railed against enhanced interrogations, saying we were torturing prisoners. His campaign for President was based on the premise that America was inflaming the Muslim world because of our invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and by holding enemy combatants in Guantanamo bay. He promised the world he would extricate us from the middle east, close Gitmo and end “torture”. As president he gave speeches directed towards the muslim world promising a different approach. His administration refuses to acknowledge that there is a war on terror, but call it overseas contingency operations and wont call jihadis terrorists but only extremists, if your ideology wont allow you to see radical islam as a threat you must divert attention towards others. His DHS has paid more attention on “right wing extremists” who are suspicious of centralized authority and revere personal liberty as potential terrorists.

After the attack occurred many media outlets were quick to link it to right wingers, taking their cue from the administration since they share the same ideology. When that facade falls away we have seen this administration and the media go into coverup mode. I believe the investigation is going to be a whitewash. It will downplay any ties to Islam, and conclude that any mistakes made were not systemic or in any way related to the president. The media will go along along with the narrative and it will be many months if ever before the truth comes out.


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