Ted Cruz a presidential fantasy?

The May 1st piece by Robert Schlesinger entitled “the Ted Cruz for president 2016 fantasy” could have been written about Obama in 2005 or 2006. Truth be told it would have been better if Obama’s aspirations had stayed a fantasy. Schlesinger states that ” it is one of the worst kept secrets in Washington that Cruz wants to run for president. But it is a secret no more.” He says Cruz’s response to the rumors wasn’t so much a denial as a non response. However when Obama was trotted out at the 2004 DNC to give a speech as a state senator he was just doing it out of the goodness of his heart and wasn’t trying to gain name recognition for his US senate run. Schlesinger believes that Cruz ” is almost the perfect distillation of the extremism that has come to dominate the Republican Party.” Obama as a Senator staked out positions to the left of the likes of Hillary Clinton to gain support from the extreme left. Not one to work across the aisle, no important pieces of legislation that he sponsored was passed by the Senate. He spent his time in Congress conducting a hyper partisan campaign of bashing President Bush on every issue. Most of his stands were wrong, most notably on the surge. As a candidate for President it was discovered that Obama had ties with a domestic terrorist and a church pastor who believed America’s chickens had come home to roost on 9/11. This didn’t make Obama unlikeable as Schlesinger says Cruz is. No the media consider Obama charming! Schlesinger quotes politico as saying Cruz isn’t a bridge builder, he is a gotcha obsessed right winger who is enamored by his own intelligence and dedicated to his principles. This statement applies perfectly to Obama. He is dedicated to abortion, going so far as to vote against protections for babies who survive abortions. His dedication to democrat principles in regards to taxes being used to redistribute wealth goes to an extreme where he would support higher tax rates even if it brought in less revenue in the name of fairness. The President is dedicated to the principle of government spending even as we have trillion dollar deficits, telling the nation we don’t have a spending problem. He believes we can’t slow the growth of spending because it will cause the economy to crash and hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. The hard left has a champion in the president when it comes to a hatred of capitalism which was encapsulated when Obama stated ” you didn’t build that.” And there is no one who can say that the President was working across the aisle when Obamacare was muscled through Congress without a Republican vote. Compared to this President anyone, including Ted Cruz look like moderates.



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