Obama’s power grab.

In another usurpation of power, President Obama has once again unconstitutionally changed immigration law. Starting in March, illegal immigrants can apply for a visa without leaving the U.S. if they can show that time away from an American spouse, child or parents would create “extreme hardship”. In Brian Bennett’s story for McClatchy newspapers, he nonchalantly describes the shredding of The Constitution thusly, “the change, first proposed in April, is the latest move by the administration to use executive powers to revise immigration procedures without Congress passing a law”. To divert people’s attention away from the illegality of this move, Bennett tells us that this will help keep families together. Analy Olivas said “if I kept on going through the process, I was going to have to leave the Country. I wasn’t ready for it”. According to Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, “wait times will be drastically reduced”. If the President were really concerned about making things easier for immigrants, he wouldn’t put people who broke the law ahead of those who come to America legally. What about their hardship? They too have to wait and are separated from their families. No, this is not about helping immigrants keep their families together. This is about Obama securing a new voter base while in his own words, “breaking free” of constitutional constraints. Obama is testing the waters, seeing how far he can push what Mark Levin calls this “post constitutional America”. Congress should reassert their hold as the law making body and slap down Obama’s brazen power grab.


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