Obama’s hypocrisy on money in politics.

For those that needed any more proof that the IRS was targeting conservative groups under pressure from the President after the Supreme Courts Citizens United decision need only consider the groups Organizing for America and Enroll America.

It appears that the President isn’t concerned with money in politics as long it is the right kind of money. both these groups have tax exempt status and are involved in advocacy that should have been given more scrutiny by the IRS. According to the Washington Post, Enroll America and organizing for action both headed by former White House officials, are ramping up campaigns for the affordable care act just in time to downplay the delay of the employer mandate and the midterm election. Organizing for Action launched a television ad touting the benefits people will receive under Obamacare in the lead up to the midterms. Conservatives should make this a campaign issue by linking the IRS scandal and what the President has said about money in politics with this campaign. Show the American people that all the President wants to do is silence his opponents.

In a separate story by USA Today the group Organizing for Action has formed a partnership with Ethical Electric. what USA today calls the advocacy arm of arm of the Obama administration is steering people to buy alternative energy from the company which has ties to liberal groups. They are also targeting 100 members of Congress that they describe as “climate deniers.” Conservatives can once again link this campaign to the IRS scandal as well as show how democrats use climate policy to line their friends pockets at the expense of Americans jobs in the coal industry. This partnership just so happens to coincide with the Presidents renewed concentration on climate change policy.

While using this issue in the midterms, those conservatives in Congress should pay close attention to these non profit groups and make sure that no collusion has been taking place between them and the White House and also find out what scrutiny was applied to them by the IRS when they applied for their tax exempt status.


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