Harry Reid to go nuclear?

The Democrats are showing the American people who they really are under this administration. They portrayed themselves as defenders of our civil liberties and the constitution when Bush was President.

Now that they are in power however they are trying to crush all dissent and opposition to their agenda. This has been the case since day one of the Obama Presidency when they tried to discredit Fox News, saying it wasn’t a legitimate news agency and tried to revoke their White House press pass. Next they tried to silence Rush Limbaugh painting him as the leader of the Republican Party and therefore fair game for targeting by the administration.

This lawless administration then went further, using the IRS to delay the tax exempt status of conservative groups to blunt their activities in an election year. The President has unilaterally decided on what laws to uphold and used executive orders to change or delay still others. The courts finally slapped him down when he declared the Senate in recess, which it wasn’t, to appoint members to NLRB. The court invalidated those appointments. This is unacceptable to the President and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

Using this situation and the lie that Republicans are obstructing Obama’s judicial nominees, the Senator is threatening to invoke the Nuclear Option. Obama’s first term circuit court nominees had an average confirmation period of 240 days vs Bush’s 277 days, so that argument doesn’t stand up. And the Republicans have every right to not want to rubber stamp nominees the courts said were unconstitutionally appointed.

For another thing Harry Reid is being a hypocrite because he railed against Republicans when they talked of using the nuclear option during the Bush administration. He even went so far as to say in 2005 that he would never employ that tactic because doing so would ruin the country. Reid is showing that Democrats don’t have any core principles they won’t throw to the wayside in the pursuit of power.

Turning both Houses of Congress into majoritarian bodies with no way for the minority to influence legislation or the Presidents nominees would go against the founders vision. They had a great fear of pure democracy and setup checks and balances like giving the states equal representation in the senate, and the electoral college which made sure every state had a say in presidential elections.

The requirement for supermajority votes for actions such as ratifying treaties and impeaching officials as well as amendments to the constitution show that the filibuster is a tool in line with the founders vision of government. These checks and balances were set up for the very purpose of limiting the power of a government so it wouldn’t turn into a dictatorship of the majority.


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