Double standard on n- word

Riley Cooper, the Philadelphia Eagles receiver who was caught on tape using a racial slur is going to counseling. That’s right, we now live in a country where if you say something offensive you must have some mental disorder and need to be reeducated.  Also Cooper like Paula Deen could lose his job. 

 In the discussions about this situation words like divisive have been used to describe what effect Coopers words could be on the team.  First of all the word Cooper used is used regularly in the Black community and in most rap music. Now this is just a guess but I think that other Eagles players have used the word or played music that used it. So what people are saying is that its ok for some Eagles players to use offensive words but not others? That seems pretty divisive to me. To say that it is unacceptable and cause for white people to lose their jobs  but not black people is hypocritical and racist. No one should use it period! 

Also I’ve never understood the reasoning behind black people using the word amongst themselves.  How does using a slur lead to camaraderie or pride, when it is a symbol of hate? White people dont use racial slurs about each other with a sense of pride! The argument that racial slurs are discriminatory is just false, they are offensive but not discriminatory. Only actions can be discriminatory like the seperation of the races during the Jim Crow era. Those laws are no longer around and will never return, no word can stop anyone from doing anything. 

Attorney General Holder once said that America was a nation of cowards because we don’t talk about race. This despite the fact that we are obsessed about race and use it as a factor in everything from college admissions to hiring and loan practices.  We even elected Obama President because many Americans wanted to elect our first black President.  Pretty cowardly I’d say!  

A real conversation on race wont happen when people will be labeled as racist for their point of view or are shunned and lose their jobs for saying something someone finds offensive.  I say the real cowards are the ones who let a word terrorize them unless the right people use it and demand people lose their livelihoods because of it.


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