Regulation hypocrites

Unpublished article from a couple of years ago.

I always thought that the day an outlet of the media and Congressman Frank teamed up to fight against Government regulation would mean the end of the world was upon us. However, we are still here and yet the Standard Times and Mr. Frank are trying to limit Federal regulations on the fishing industry. Either they have changed their views on the issue of regulations or are playing politics. In this case I believe it is the latter, making the Standard Times and Frank hypocrites.

When the housing market collapsed and a scapegoat was needed Mr. Frank responded with a bill of punishing regulations on the Financial sector. This made sense to the Congressman because he doesn’t represent any of those fat cat bankers, besides they are just greedy Capitalists working against the middle class. Where was the Standard Times to argue against these regulations? Did they tell the story of how Mr. Frank was partly responsible for the housing market collapse by fighting regulation of Fannie and Freddie Mac? No they didn’t, not enough Bankers read their paper to get their attention, and their ideology blinded them to the whole story.

When Candidate Obama said that his energy policies would bankrupt the coal industry, not a peep was heard, but why would there be? Frank doesn’t represent any coal miners and Joe down the street doesn’t pickup a Standard times on his way to the mine shaft. No, the effects of Obama’s policies wouldn’t be felt here right away so who cares if a few million people down south lose their jobs or our energy bills go up. That can just be blamed on greed on the pages of the Standard Times and in Congress by Mr. Frank.

Mr. Frank voted for and the Standard Times was in support of the greatest increase in regulation in generations. The law that became known as Obamacare contains thousands of new regulations and taxes that will destroy our healthcare system and jobs. It is so bad that over 700 waivers have been issued exempting companies and organizations from some of the onerous provisions. Because the most damaging effects of this law will take years to develop, the law itself isn’t fully implemented until 2014, Frank and the Times felt comfortable giving it their support.

It is time for the people of the South Coast and the Standard Times to shed their provincial thinking. The issue of Government regulation goes well beyond the Fishing industry, it affects every American.


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