War anthem or National anthem?

ESPN that bastion of intellectualism has blessed us with a new revelation concerning our National Anthem. Our prophet, one professor of Journalism Kevin Blackistone informed us that it is nothing more than a war anthem. He revealed this truth to us the unenlightened masses on the ESPN show Around the Horn. In their Buy or Sell segment Blackistone stated ” You should be selling the rest of the military symbolism embrace of sports whether its singing of a war anthem to open every game… You are conflating a war anthem with a simple game.”

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this intellectuals analysis of the Anthem is wrong. The song was written as a poem by Francis Scott Key after watching the British attack Fort McHenry. Yes this war mongering song actually originated while America was defending its newly won freedom against it’s one time rulers. Now I’m no Professor but I’ve never heard anyone say that a war of self defense was war mongering. On the contrary the song is an uplifting and hopeful one. It conveys the hope that our way of life and freedom would continue, symbolized by the sight of our flag still flying strong.

If a war of self defense is considered war mongering what other conflicts in blackistones’ view are just as unjust? Perhaps the Civil War? Oh wait that was a war fought because of the evil of slavery and freed the slaves. How about the World Wars? Right those were fought in response to attacks on our country by nations trying to subjugate the world. Those instances of war mongering in Korea and Vietnam were really attempts to save those people from communist enslavement, a system that killed 100 million people. If we were more successful maybe we wouldn’t be facing a threat from North Korea today. Iraq and Afghanistan were wars for oil right? Wrong, they were wars in response to terrorism and to prevent a dictator from acquiring nuclear weapons. Oh and by the way they freed millions from tyranny.

The truth is America is not a war mongering nation. In a world where the United Nations is powerless America as the worlds super power has undertaken to stabilize a violent and unstable world. Most if not all of Americas’ wars were wars of self defense and liberation. Blackistones’ ideology however has blinded him of this fact. Hopefully he cannot blind those who have to listen to him.


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