Freedom of choice in an Orwellian world

The Standard Times has produced perhaps the most ironically titled op- ed to date. The article Our View: Freedom of choice espouses the view that religious organizations should have no choice in the insurance they provide their employees. The argument is put forward that since contraception can be used for non contraceptive purposes it should be provided for “free” through insurance. This ignores the fact that it isn’t really free, that mandates increase the costs of insurance. This belies the ostensible purpose of the “affordable care act”.

The question should be asked how pressing of an issue is it to force religious organizations to pay for this? Well according to the national survey for family growth 14% of women said they used the pill for a purpose other than contraception. Of that number how many work for organizations that want out of this mandate? Not many i would suspect. And because of this small number of people we would violate others constitutional rights.

That’s just fine with the Standard Times as they wrote with a straight face that the Government can force people to violate their religious beliefs if it has a compelling interest, notwithstanding the 1st Amendment. The article leaves out the inconvenient fact that these organizations provide insurance to their workers with their own money. The contraceptive mandate takes away their freedom of choice of what they spend their money on. What’s the Presidents proposed solution? Sign a document showing your morally opposed but will allow the contraception to be provided. And like the Popes of old selling indulgences all is forgiven?!

These organizations are not taking away the freedom of choice of these women to buy their own insurance since now it will be so affordable and better then the junk plans offered before. Or they can pay out of pocket for the medication. No one can stop them from doing so, that is real freedom of choice. Only in an Orwellian world is taking away someone else’s freedom so someone else doesn’t have to pay for something considered a preservation of freedom.


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