Science takes a back seat to condescension

At the Standard Times science takes a back seat to dripping condescension. Mr. Unger took to the pages of the paper to smear Americans who don’t believe Global Warming is a pressing issue. Either they are ignoramuses who base their opinions on global climate on the weather outside their doors or are duped by big oil companies propaganda.

Mr. Unger it appears hasn’t received the memo that because global temperatures haven’t risen in 15 years the slogan is now Climate Change. This is the second time in the past 40 years scientists and their journalist pals have been caught flat footed by an uncooperative climate. In the 1970’s they were positive that an ice age was coming but when that didn’t pan out they switched their tune to global warming.

Mr. Unger would have us believe that the Earth is going to experience catastrophic warming based on computer models that can’t replicate the climate of the past 25 years. Perhaps that is why people are less inclined to believe in the climate change mantra. Maybe people like Al Gore crying wolf has turned people away. He said all Antarctic ice would be gone by this year. Well the ice is still there and is thicker than it has been in the last 35 years as the Washington Post has reported. This was shown in an almost parody like fashion when Global Warming scientists got stuck in the ice and had to be rescued. Predictions about increasingly powerful Hurricane activity have been also shown to be not true as we haven’t had a category 3 Hurricane hit the US since 2005.

Another possible reason people are less likely to believe is the so called climate-gate. Many leading climate scientists in England were found to be fudging data, ignoring data and blacklisting scientists who went against the dogma. Further Mr. Unger takes umbrage with the fact that oil companies dare lobby the government but ignores when Al Gore tries to establish a carbon trading scheme that would make his company millions of dollars. Or how about the fact that the green energy sector has been heavily subsidized by the Obama administration costing taxpayers billions when those companies went belly up.

Lastly all studies have shown that Kyoto style limits on carbon emissions will have no effect on future warming while costing trillions of dollars and millions of jobs. But tell me again about science taking a back seat. Don’t worry Mr. Unger it will soon be summer again and with it plenty of stories you can point to us Rubes and say see I told you global warming is happening.


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