Obama’s ideology of fairness trumps facts

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While on the campaign trail Obama ran as a uniter. He said he would be post partisan, that he would change the way Washington worked. He told us that we would put behind us the old arguments that stopped us from fixing problems. Now that he is President we see Obama as the leftist ideologue that he is. Instead of embracing wealth creation he says that at some point you can make too much money. When bailing out GM he decided that secured creditors who would normally be paid off first would not be, the UAW would be instead. He has said that he would not talk to BP’s CEO because when you talk to those “people” they only tell you what you want to hear, this despite saying he would talk to the Iranian President without preconditions.

Now that the Bush tax cuts will be expiring at the end of this year he is willing to hurt everyone because of his hatred of the “rich”. He is breaking a campaign promise to work with the Republicans on this issue by temporarily extending them because he doesn’t want to extend them for those making over $250,000. Everyone knows increasing taxes during a recession is the worst thing you can do and yet Obama wont budge because he doesn’t really care about people only about his ideology.

To justify his position he is coming up with arguments that are pretty illogical. He is saying that if we extend the cuts it will add to the deficit. This is wrong because these tax rates have already been on the books so you cant count the money you could make with higher rates as lost revenue. Second he is ignoring the Laffer Curve, that shows higher tax rates don’t necessarily mean you will bring in more revenue and many times just the opposite. When asked if he would increase tax rates even if it brought in less revenue he said he would as a matter of fairness!

During the Reagan and Bush administrations tax revenues increased despite both these Presidents enacting tax cuts, which spurred economic growth. I urge President Obama to be the uniter he promised he would be and work with Republicans to extend these tax rates.


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