The GOP avoids political showdown while America burns.

As Congressional Republicans acquiesced to the Presidents path to bankruptcy the Associated Press shrugged its shoulders. So what if our national debt is approaching 80% of GDP the Republicans saved themselves from a political showdown! Now that would have been bad news because that would lead to a government shutdown.

As the AP notes “they (Republicans) acted swiftly, realizing that there was no negotiating with the White House or Democrats on the issue.” This despite the fact that the debt ceiling being used as a negotiating tool 28 times in the past. Under this President that just doesn’t fly anymore. Since the future of America doesn’t seem to be a priority to the GOP what is? Maintaining its House majority of course. All conservatives are asking what is the point of keeping the majority if they are just going to roll over for this administration?

The AP paints a picture of helpless Republicans who had no other choice, even quoting Senator Mike Johanns R-Neb as saying ” what’s the other strategy? Default?” Well no the strategy wouldn’t be default, since the government would still bring in revenue. It would force the President to operate on those revenues only until he would be willing to sit down and negotiate. Or he would have to explain to the American people why he won’t negotiate while Government programs are being shut down.

Republicans could then barrage the Public on the Presidents hypocritical record on the debt ceiling. It would be a win win for Republicans, make the President look bad while striving for budget reform. That would make having a majority worth it.


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