Politics trumps Constitution in Obama era.

The Obama administration continues its reign of lawlessness and political posturing. According to the AP “Obama is open to changing how the US enforces its current (immigration) laws.” This despite the fact that Immigration reform aka amnesty won’t pass Congress this year. So the AP is saying that the President will unconstitutionally change the law.

The AP puts it this way “Obama is signaling he may be growing more inclined to test the limits of his authority in the face of Congressional inaction.” This however is just spin. The President has no such authority to change laws, the only authority a President has is to faithfully execute and uphold the laws of the US. Obama isn’t testing his authority, he is testing Congress and its resolve to stop these usurpations of power.

The timing of this couldn’t be more cynical. After deporting an estimated 2 million illegals Obama is now going to trot out the issue of Immigration just before the midterms. This has the benefits of taking attention away from the debacle of Obamacare and alienating the Republicans conservative base from establishment Republicans. This is just further proof that Democrats will bypass and destroy the Constitution for transient political gain.


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