Coming: A fundamental change to your health insurance

The New York Times John Harwood is coming around to the truth that Obamacare is going to lead to millions of Americans losing their Health insurance. How did he come across this revelation? Well, one of the chief architects of the Law, Ezekiel Emanuel is telling us that it is going to happen.

He is predicting that the number of Americans receiving insurance through their employer will fall below 20% by 2025 from about 60% today. This flies in the face of all the promises made by the President when pushing for passage of the Affordable Care Act. But it is in line with his goal to fundamentally transform America. It also coincides with what many Conservatives have said from the beginning: The goal of the law is to destroy the private insurance industry so that a single payer system can be instituted.

Mr. Emanuel believes that companies will push their employees onto the Government exchanges and just pay the fine. When this happens it is easy to see the strain these people will put on the laws subsidy system. It is also reasonable to expect many people to just pay the fine as well. This means that the people that are needed to make the system work won’t be in the system. They won’t be in the system because despite the name the law has made insurance more expensive then before with its mandates.

According to Mr. Harwood many people believe that this change will be a good thing, that it will lead to more choices and lower costs. This is assuming that the insurance industry is still in business. With the perfect storm of mandates, incentives for healthy people not to sign up and no limits to benefits it will be very difficult for these companies to make a profit. No this fundamental change won’t lead to more choice but to just one: A Government run Health Care system.


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