Liberals detect new dog whistle: spending restraint

Salon contributor Ian Lopez attempts to link Paul Ryan and Ronald Reagan’s fiscal policies to an animus toward poor minorities. In the attempt he just shows us how race obsessed Liberals spout off on issues without any grasp on reality or facts. The evidence put forward by Lopez is a series of dog whistles only a liberal could pick up on.

Lopez going back to Reagan’s Presidency cited a s peach he gave in which he talks about food stamp recipients buying T-Bone steaks while working people could only afford hamburger. “Reagan initially told the ‘T-Bone’ story he identified the food stamp abuser as a “young buck” a term then commonly used among southern whites to refer to a strong black man… Even after Reagan dropped that term from future renditions, the racial element continued just below the surface, with welfare recipients implicitly colored black.”

There are so many problems with this argument it’s hard to know where to start. First of all as someone who has worked in a Supermarket you see people on food stamps purchasing items like this all the time, it isn’t a myth. The term “young buck” can refer to a young man of any race. There is no evidence that Reagan was referring to a black man here. The point of the term is that an able bodies man capable of work was on welfare instead. Since Reagan didn’t identify the persons race Lopez uses his abilities of telepathy to tell us what Reagan was really thinking. This slur is so contrary to Reagan’s real character one has to believe Lopez never read anything about Reagan that wasn’t published published on the Huffington Post. When Reagan was in college he refused to stay in a hotel that refused service to his black classmates and had them stay with him at his parents house. What a racist!

Lopez next in an attempt to link this evil ‘legacy’ to the current GOP bashes the Republicans Farm Bill. Not only are they using the dog whistle words of lazy and fraud in the context of food stamps but they are actually cutting $8.6 billion from the food stamp program! However saying that some people prefer welfare to work is not racist it is just an observation of human nature that is borne out by data. For example people on unemployment for 99 weeks suddenly find work when their benefits run out. What about this $8 billion cut to food stamps? Well this is just more Washington logic. Ira Stroll at News Max shows us the facts. The bill actually increases spending on nutrition assistance over the next decade by 57% to $725 billion. But because Democrats wanted an increase of 65% liberals can say that its being cut.

A last bit of nonsense brings up is about the Reagan tax cuts. ” in the 1980’s, by one estimate, the top 1% reaped tax cuts worth a trillion dollars and they’ve received a further trillion from the Reagan tax cuts in each ensuing decade.” This is a misleading statement however. These people did not receive anything from anyone, they were just allowed to keep more of their own money. And with great results as the economy roared for 20 years. Contrast Reagan’s economy to the Obama economy and its no contest. In fact Obama, who thinks income inequality is a problem has actually made it worse with his policies. While Lopez slurs the entire GOP with charges of racism the real problem of massive deficits continue. If Lopez and liberals like him get their way we will keep spending ourselves into oblivion. What happens to the poor and minorities when that occurs? Lopez doesn’t care about that as long as Republicans look bad.


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