Liberals waging war on history

In the past year ISIS the JV squad of Terrorist groups has taken control of swaths of Iraq. Despite this occurring under President Obama’s watch Liberals are scrambling to fix the blame on President Bush. Liberals like Peter Bergen, CNN’s National Security analyst like to Portray Saddam Hussein as some bulwark against Islamic Jihad that Bush destroyed with his invasion. He says “one of George Bush’s most toxic legacies is the introduction of Al Qaeda into Iraq.” This ignores the fact that Abu Musab Al Zarqawi had already founded the group that would become AQI in 1999. However he wasn’t the only Terrorist allied with Iraq, the Pentagon report Saddam and Terrorism : Emerging insights from captured Iraqi documents shows he supported and trained terrorists throughout the Middle East.
Because Saddam and Osama Bin Laden didn’t plan 9/11 together Democrats told their low info voters that Al Qaeda that attacked us wasn’t in Iraq. That is the type of simplistic thinking that Democrats accused Bush of practicing. President Bush looked at the big picture of Global Jihad as a problem and not just Osama Bin Laden’s brand, hence the Global War on Terror. President Bush told the world that the US would go after the terrorists groups and any nation that harbored them. Iraq despite what liberals would have you believe was one such nation. Revisionist Bush is to blame history also overlooks the fact that by July 2008 US forces in Iraq, executing the Surge strategy had decimated AQI. This strategy that defeated them was opposed by the Democrats, including then Senator Obama.
When Obama became President he inherited a stabilized Iraq with a fledgling Democracy. Then going against the advice of his military advisors and the past practice of many American conflicts withdrew all US troops. This allowed AQI to regroup and become ISIS. All the while the President was saying that Al Qaeda was on the run all the way through the 2012 Presidential election. When reality became to loud to ignore the President actually told the American people that he didn’t have a strategy to deal with the threat ISIS poses. The fact is Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster and no amount of blaming Bush will change that.


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