A Republic if you can keep it.

The January 13th letter to the Standard Times “our broken Democracy” demonstrates a common misconception of our form of Government. Mr. Pottel says that recent Supreme Court decisions have undermined our Democracy. However the Founding Fathers did not establish a Democracy.

The Constitution guarantees to the States a Republican form of Government, not a Democratic one. They did this because they were distrustful of pure Democracy. As Thomas Jefferson said “A Democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51 percent take away the rights of the 49”. Also, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution said “Democracies…have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.”

 This is why they instituted checks and balances on majority rule.

The Electoral College for one prevents the President from being elected by a majority from the most populous States, but gives the smaller States the ability to have a say. The House, whose members were to be elected by the people, was to be balanced by the Senate, whose members were appointed by the State legislatures (this was changed by the 17th Amendment).

They set up our Government like this because they were weary of pure Democracy. 

 As an advocate of Democracy, Mr. Pottel wants to Amend the Constitution to regulate speech to address the “flawed” Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. In that case they overturned a lower Court decision that said the group couldn’t advertise a film critical of Hillary Clinton before the 2008 Democratic Primaries. By advocating for such an amendment It appears Mr. Pottel wants the Government In control of political speech.

By restricting speech rights of groups of Americans, you deny individuals that right. Contributing to PACs or other political groups allows regular people to voice their concerns in ways they couldn’t on their own. 

 Mr Pottel hypocritically wants to take away Republican money in politics but I didn’t see a mention of Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, both billionaires who donate exclusively to Democrats. Nor was the fact the top ten group contributors are all unions who donate overwhelmingly to Democrats seen as a cause of concern. Mr. Pottel confirms the wisdom Of Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers distrust of Democracy.


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