Grammy Awards: next target of liberal racists

The ugliness of Liberal America is always on full display during Hollywood awards shows, and last nights Grammy awards was no different. somehow the people who are supposedly post racial make everything about race. nothing says art to a liberal like an political statement, so no one should have been surprised when Pharrell Williams paid tribute to the racist black lives matter movement. He and his dancers held up their hands in remembrance of Michael Brown. The only problem is all the evidence shows that Brown didn’t have his hands up and even attempted to take the police officers gun. Facts however don’t matter to racists who have an agenda to push.

The racist liberals also got their panties in a bunch because a couple of white people were nominated for Best Rap Album. Iggy Azalea in particular has been accused of “cultural appropriation”. This comes as a surprise to me because i didn’t think rhyming belonged to a specific race. Oh and by the way white people have been rhyming in English since Chaucer. If anyone is appropriating someone else’s culture it sure isn’t Iggy.

Finally, the racial bean counters are upset that out of the 795 nominations, 380 have gone to white people. Why this is surprising in a nation that was 85% white when the awards began and is still over 60% is beyond me. If we were to make the awards more racially balanced the 19% of the nominations going to African Americans would have to be lower. And while we were at it we would have to have major reforms in the NBA and NFL to make them more white. Im sure thats not what Liberals are going for, but thats where their focus on racial representation would bring us. Instead of focusing on race, we should fulfill Dr. Kings dream and focus on people’s abilities and the content of their character.


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