Leftists develop modern Protocols of the Elders of Zion

protocols_englishThe modern leftist is a disgusting divide and conquer specialist. Combining “White Privilege” theory and Marxist class struggle they have created a Neo Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols purported to show that the Jews had a plan to control the world. “White Privilege” and Marx’s class struggle are used to show how white conservatives maintain their power structure. These false premises are used to marginalize and demonize white conservative Americans. “White Privilege” is the theory that white people receive benefits that non whites do not just because of their race. Leftists use this theory to silence those opposed to their policies by saying they are only interested in keeping the status qua in respect to their privilege.

Class is also used as a weapon when they pit the so called 1% against the other 99%. they argue that these people gained their wealth by gaming the system, exploiting the poor or with Government help. According to the President they didn’t build their success, someone else (the 99%) did. Therefore they should be required to repay their debts to Society. The Leftist calls for them to pay their fair share of taxes. This fair share is never specified but is an amorphous concept that can be adjusted according to the circumstances. The top 10% income earners already pay 68% of Federal income taxes, but for the leftist this is not enough. The goal isn’t a more fair tax system but the fundamental change of our economic system. White Conservatives are just the modern day Jew, a scapegoat for the disenchanted. What happens when the people are aroused to hate the scapegoat by the leftist? If history is any guide we could expect individual acts of violence, political persecution and eventually loss of political liberty. We must confront and destroy the new Protocols if we want to maintain our freedom.


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