Tom Cotton: Enemy of the State?

Now that freshman Senator Tom Cotton has publicly taken the lead in opposing President Obama’s Iran nuclear negotiations, he has become liberals number 1 enemy.  Cue the hit pieces.  The Huffington Post has started the campaign off by calling him the Senates worst bully.  I guess they forgot the time Senator Reid called Mitt Romney a tax cheat, with no proof by the way and called on Romney to prove him wrong.  Let us not even bring up all the times the President has used his bully pulpit to shut down Republican opposition.  The Post made a list of the 10 reasons why Cotton is a bully, I want to discuss the most egregious examples they give.

1.  The Letter to Iran

Senator Cotton and 46 Republican Senators sent a letter to Iran explaining to them that any deal they reach with the President is subject to Senate approval.  Only to a liberal can explaining how our Government works be considered bullying.  Secretary Kerry was forced to admit, under oath no less that any agreement reached with Iran would not be legally binding.  The Secretary and it seems the Huffington Post in their rush to label Republicans “Traitors”, that John Kerry as Senator went to Nicaragua to personally interfere with President Reagan’s foreign policy.  He wasnt charged under the Logan Act and neither will Senator Cotton.

2.  Senator Cotton supports Guantanamo Bay Prison

As the Post says, this is counter to the Presidents position of wanting to close the prison.  The Prison is still open despite the Presidents campaign pledge but the Senator is the bad guy?

3.  He thinks the use of Killer drones should be expanded.

This is something that the President and the Senator agree on because Obama has used Drone strikes far more than President Bush.  The fact that the Post ignores this shows their bias.

4.  He uses fear to call for crackdown on Immigrants and the Mexican border

This is not the case at all.  He like most Americans want to end illegal immigration not all immigration.  The Post tells us that our borders are secure despite the fact that thousands of people cross it every year.

5.  He received $700,000 from Emergency Committee for Israel.

Oh no he took money from the Jews so he must be controlled by the Zionists now right?  Sick.

6.  As Army Lieutenant in 2006 Cotton called for prosecution of Journalists.

I’m guessing the Post hasn’t heard of the James Rosen case.  So it is wrong to want Journalists prosecuted but it is fine when the Justice Department actually investigated a journalist as a co-conspirator for soliciting classified information.  That was another historic first for the Obama administration, since no journalist had even been treated as a criminal for ordinary news-gathering activity before.


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