Symbolism over Substance

President Obama, who loves symbolism over substance, has pledged the Federal Government to cut its Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by half over the next 10 years.  This is pure symbolism because the Federal Government is only responsible for less than 1 percent of annual U.S. emissions.  The policy pledge is expected to put pressure on other Governments and companies to follow suit and cut their emissions as well.  Scientists as well as the Administration have warned that if the world don’t lower its GHG emissions we wont be able to stop the worst of the effects from Global Warming.  However, since there has been a pause in Global Warming for 17 years according to satellite data, there is more room for researching the Climates sensitivity to increased GHG emissions.

Furthermore the U.S. is no longer the main driver for the increase in GHG emissions.  In fact U.S. emissions are at their lowest levels since 1994.  According to the Economist this has occurred because the use of coal powered power generation has fallen from half to only 36%, thanks to fracking.  Instead of welcoming and encouraging hydraulic fracturing to further reduce our emissions, the President has declared war on it.  He has imposed new regulations on the process when done on public lands, rules that are expected to be the first in a series governing it.  These regulations will increase the cost of fracking which, like it has in Europe lead to an increase in Coal power plants.

Despite all of the data pointing to China as the world leader in GHG emissions, the President has agreed to allow them to continue increasing their emissions until 2030.  The agreement will not lead to a decrease in emissions which scientists say will lead to climate change.   All this agreement will do, if  the President gets his way and fracking is curtailed will lead to higher electricity rates for consumers and a reversal of America’s decreasing emissions.  All the Presidents sycophants in the media will trumpet these new policies to low info Americans.  They will say the President is trying to combat climate change while evil Republicans want to continue to destroy the environment.   Most Americans will eat it up and parrot it back when confronted with an opposing opinion.


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