Foreign policy experience no advantage for Hillary Clinton

Now that Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Presidency, liberals are touting her foreign policy credentials.  They say that the former Secretary of State will have an advantage over her GOP rivals.  While she can put the blame for many foreign policy problems on President Obama, it wont be so easy when it comes to Russia.  The touted “Reset” of relations with our former foe was personally initiated by Mrs. Clinton.

This “Reset” was a disaster as Russia has overrun Crimea, has shot down a commercial airliner and has troops fighting along side pro Russian separatists in Ukraine.  Even more disturbing, Russian President Putin has now lifted a ban on sales of air-defense missiles to Iran.  This comes on the heels of an Obama administration deal many believe will allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.  This latest slap in the face to the United States will make it more difficult for future Presidents to take military action against Iran’s nuclear sites if the need arises.  If Mrs. Clinton somehow wins her party’s nomination despite all the scandals swirling around her, this will be a critical area of attack for her Republican opponent.


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