The AP’s wishful thinking on Supreme Court ruling fallout

The AP is pretending to care about the political fortunes of Republicans in their Story regarding the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare subsidies.   According to them it is the GOP and not the White House who have the most to lose if the Supreme Court rules subsidies cant go to States that didn’t create their own Exchanges.  They point out that 26 of the States that didn’t do so are run by Republican Governors and have 22 Senate seats up for election next year.

It is just wishful thinking on AP’s part to think the fallout is going to hurt the GOP however.  The Voters in these States explicitly voted for Governors and Senators who were opposed to Obamacare.  Many of these Governors promised their constituents that they would challenge the law in the court system.  Most of them are also in favor of a full repeal of the Law.  If the Supreme Court sides with the Plaintiffs in this case it will only help Republicans among the majority of voters who oppose the Affordable Care Act.

The real fallout is going to fall on the Democrats.  Their low info voters will only see that the Presidents money has stopped flowing.  To independent voters they are going to look like idiots because they didn’t read their own bill and realize subsidies could only go to State Exchanges.  Among those voters who became aware of the political machinations behind this provision of the law because of its Architect Jonathan Gruber, they will see this decision as the comeuppance Democrats deserve.  Americans don’t take too kindly by to being manipulated by “experts” who consider them too stupid to realize that it is happening.  The AP obviously doesn’t understand that fact if they think Democrats are going to come off Scott free in this situation.


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