Conservatives defeated at Supreme Court and the GOP breathes sigh of relief

What does the GOP stand for?  It is sad to have to ask this question but recent events have made it necessary.  This weeks defeat in the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare has brought to the fore the ease with which the party jettisons it’s ideals.

  How many times did you hear the refrain ” well the Supreme Court did conservatives a favor with this decision”?  If the Republicans really believe that Obamacare is going to be a disaster how can they say that we were done a favor by losing?  Do they really think that if we don’t oppose Obamacare we will attract more voters?  News flash: the voters who support Obamacare have never and will never vote Republican.

  However the GOP runs the risk of losing it’s conservative base by admitting they believed opposing Obamare was a fools errand.  They say that now we can focus on issues where we can be victorious.  When the President starts pushing hard with his next agenda item, perhaps Amnesty, we will hear the same arguments we heard about Obamacare.  “This is going to hurt us with (insert voting bloc).”  “Let’s wait until after the next election to avoid a backlash.”  “We can’t just oppose it we need to offer an alternative.”

  If instead of making excuses and being afraid conservative pundits and the GOP united we could gain victories instead of viewing defeats as favors.


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