Cuban bigots would rather be stuck in 1960’s than deal with “ugly American”

” The essence of the thing is that we’re a country with a particular history that has a particular culture.  We have to be conscious of those values and keep them in mind when it’s time to negotiate.

Now some of you may be thinking, another Donald Trump quote showing just how much of a racist he is.  Well you’re wrong.  The quote is actually from a Cuban art critic.  You see, just a year and a half after President Obama reinstated diplomatic relations with Cuba they are already complaining about the influence of our awful culture.

As another critic said “It’s very important that we don’t give the “ugly American” reason to come back.” You know the “ugly American” that fought the Spanish to free the Cubans and whose companies made Cuba the third wealthiest country in Latin America.  However during  the last 50 years while we have landed on the moon, invented the internet and smartphone, they have been stuck in 1960 with the decrepit cars to prove it.

Instead of admitting that they have stagnated without the free flow of the output of American culture they pretend that their situation is a choice.  Sergio Gomez an editor for the Cuban Communist Party’s newspaper said that Hollywood and other American influences “can subvert the social consensus that the country has maintained for more than half a century.” According to him stagnation is a social consensus that was reached by choice, not by  jailing and killing thousands of political enemies of the State.

This situation is just further proof that what Donald Trump has been saying is true.  America bends over backwards to help the world and we get nothing but contempt back.


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