White People: The New Scapegoat In America

We as a Nation are living in dangerous times when we have people and organizations explicitly calling for an entire race to face justice. After the shooting of two men by police, Twitter and Google demanded that “racial justice” be done. Since the victims were black, getting justice must involve punishment of non black people.

Statistics show that in no way are black people being specifically targeted, in fact the numbers show that white people are killed by police more despite committing less crime. Despite this we still have Twitter,Google,black lives matter and Hillary Clinton demanding that white people pay. Why? It is because white people are the new scapegoat in America.

Just as the Jew is considered inherently bad by anti-Semites with no chance to redeem himself white people are considered to be inherently racist and oppressive. How so?

Well, White Privilege tells us that whites unearned advantages and benefits that non whites do not experience. Because the person who experiences privilege is unaware of it and considers it normal they cannot be absolved of their guilt.

Now that racial justice has been demanded what should we expect next? Well the Jews during the Nazi era were stripped of their property first. Since white privilege theory says that they were given advantages we can expect the same here. President Obama has already said Americans weren’t responsible for their successes so it isn’t far fetched to extrapolate these thoughts into action.

The Jews of Nazi Germany were forced to relocate away from Aryans. How would that take place here? Well it is already happening on college campuses around the country with BLM activists demanding “safe spaces” for people of color where whites aren’t allowed.

We all know what the end result of this progression was. Could it happen here? Probably not, but once you head down the path of scapegoating entire races evil actions are the result.

That is why we must call out all those who are radicalizing our politics by spouting off about white privilege and racial justice. These dogmas must be combated and defeated if we are to remain a united states.


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