Far Left Maddow Blog decries Republican Party Platform as Far Right

The Maddow Blog warns her progressive followers that the Republican party has moved even further to the right with its newest party platform. Steve Benen author of the post, began to be alarmed when the party labeled pornography a “public menace.”  Who wouldn’t be?

I mean we all know how pornography leads to healthier relationships between men and women. It is a little ironic however, for a member of the party that told us that Republicans wage a war on women,to embrace turning women into sex objects.

The platform gets even worse according to Benen when the party changed the term “illegal immigrant” to “ illegal alien.”  To be an immigrant one must legally enter the country in which they want to live, therefore calling someone who enters a country illegally an “immigrant” is insulting to all immigrants. Further since an alien is “a person residing in a country, but owing allegiance to another.” Since this can be done legally, it makes sense to differentiate between those who are legal and those who aren’t.

For the Maddow Blog it must have seemed like a gift had fallen into their laps when the Republican platform committee endorsed the construction of an actual border wall. Since they don’t know anyone who actually want this they can say and actually believe when they say that this moves the party “closer to the base, and away from the broader public.”

However it is really the Democrats who have moved away from the broader public with their no border security and amnesty stance. According to Gallup polls, around 77% of Americans said it was extremely or very important that the government take steps to control our borders. Rasmussen reported that 54% oppose President Obama’s plan to allow 5 million illegal aliens to stay in the country and legally work.

Finally, 57% of Americans think the government is not aggressive enough deporting illegal aliens. The blog post concludes by saying that Republicans only hope is that the majority of Americans don’t find out about this party platform. Really it is Democrats who should hope the majority of Americans don’t rise up and punish them for their ignoring and outright flouting of their will.


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