Black Lives Matter is Not the New Civil Rights Movement

With the collusion of the media, the Black Lives Matter movement is pushing a false narrative about police shootings of black men.  They claim that because of racist police, black men are unjustly being killed.  Believing they are being oppressed has caused them to push for major changes to the Justice system.  Thus they are assuming the mantle of Martin Luther King et al.   However there are many differences between BLM and the Civil Rights movement and it is important to discuss them.  

Civil Rights era activists fought against systemic, legal racial discrimination including separate schools, restriction of voting rights and denial of use of public establishments. This systemic discrimination was demolished by the mid 1960’s.

There is one main issue BLM is protesting: police shootings of black men.  If there were a systemic issue of police targeting blacks you would think that more were shot than whites. That is not the case however as more white men are shot by police each year.  

Some will say that more whites are shot by police because they are more than double the population as blacks.  When we look at the data we find that whites are disproportionately killed by police since they have far less interactions with them.  If BLM were a civil rights movement they would protest shootings of all people and not concentrate on just black victims.

When it comes to college campuses the difference between the two movements is stark. Civil Rights era activists fought for the right for blacks to attend the same Universities as whites.  The rallying cry for BLM is to get safe places, where whites are not allowed to be, for blacks.  They have even gone as far as calling for segregated housing.

Perhaps most striking is the way the two movements comport themselves. The Civil Rights movement was peaceful even when being physically attacked. The BLM calls for and commits acts of violence. The juxtaposition of the image of 60’s era black protesters being beaten while peacefully protesting with BLM protestors rioting, looting, attacking and chasing down whites tells you everything you need to know about them.

The Black Lives Matter movement is not a civil rights movement, it is a black supremacist and black separatist movement.  It has gained influence among the African American community because it is easier to believe oppression is why these things are happening and not as a result of your actions and choices.  


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