The Media Come To Hillary’s Rescue Once Again

In what can only be described as a fortuitous coincidence for Hillary Clinton, an 11 year old recording of Donald Trump was leaked just as the State Department released more of her emails.  Predictably all the media are covering this as if it were a major world changing story.  

 This sequence of events was most likely a result of collusion between the Clinton campaign, the State Department and the mainstream media. 

We can say this with a high degree of certainty because we have learned from past releases of Clinton emails that the media has colluded with them from the beginning.  This has involved running stories by the campaign before publishing them and even giving Hillary lists of questions that she will be asked before interviews.  Most recently it was Steve Harvey, the comedian that has done so.

 This instance is perhaps more devious as it has occurred just before the next Presidential debate.  Mr. Trumps comments will most likely consume an exorbitant amount of the moderators attention instead of Hillary’s emails.

Donald Trump and his campaign need to come out hard against this obvious collusion.  He needs hammer away at the fact that the media is propping Hillary up by sweeping under the rug her various scandals.

They also need to hit both Hillary and Bill Clinton on their history of abusing and demeaning women.  By doing so it can take some of the sting out of this leaked private conversation while at the same time demonstrating the rank hypocrisy of  the media and Clintons.


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