“you don’t have enough points, sir, I’m sorry” the Doctor said with a look of embarrassment.

 William’s shoulders sagged at the words. He knew that this had been possible but it still didn’t make it any easier. 

 “Thank you Doctor, I know there is nothing you can do.” 

William exited the sterile looking medical complex and walked to his car. Thinking about his family he wondered if his past bad choices would affect them. When the point system was being enacted the politicians promised that wouldn’t be the case.  Who really knew though? After all the system wasn’t run by people but by an AI system, so who was to say what really went into point calculations.?

 Upon entering the car he was asked what his destination was. William wasn’t sure if he was ready to go home and tell Tracy that he was dying but didn’t have enough points for the treatment. 

 “Just drive,” he said as his seatbelt wrapped itself around him and clicked into place. 

“Sir I cannot begin transport until I have a destination”

 Sighing William almost told the car to bring him to the closest bar. He hadn’t been to one in years and the thought that drinking was one of the reasons he was going to die made him shudder.

 ” Take me home” he said at last.

 As the car began moving he thought about the system. It was supposed to level the playing field of healthcare between the rich and poor.The point system was developed to incentivize people to take better care of themselves by giving them points for their good choices. The better care you took care of yourself the more points you accumulated, which lead to more and better healthcare. 

 The system was said to be logically and morally superior to the old way of doing things. As the car pulled onto William’s street he thought bitterly that the system might be logical but humans don’t always act in such a way. 

Once, people were shut out of the system because of finances, now he was being shut out for choices made years ago. William didn’t see how this outcome could be considered any more moral than the other. 

Walking up to the house he saw Tracy at the door, she opened it with tears in her eyes.  “Damnit my face must have given it away” he thought.

 Taking Tracy into his arms she asked, “what do we do now?” 

“There’s nothing we can do but wait” he answered as his voiced cracked and the tears streamed down.


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