Trevor Noah: Making America’s Education System Look Better One Segment At A Time

In what can only be described as a masterpiece of ignorance, in a recent segment, Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show not only got American politics wrong but his native South African civics as well. Is Comedy Central really telling us they couldn’t find an American Millennial who could be ignorant of American civics and foreign countries? If that is the case Noah has just become the poster child for immigrants who do the jobs Americans just can’t do.

Taking a break from comparing Trump to dictators he instead discussed the “similarities” he shares with South African President Jacob Zuma. Noah claims that like Zuma, Trump has vowed to prosecute political enemies. Perhaps this is like English humor that Americans don’t understand because Trump never vowed this. 

 He vowed to assign a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s email scheme, and if it warrants it to press charges against her.  The FBI has even said that other people who did the same as Clinton could be subject to persecution.  So Trump would just be upholding the law as his oath of office requires.

Next we are told that these figures are also similar in that they both vowed to censor the press. Trump has called for tougher libel laws which would only censor the press if they are telling lies about someone. However, there is a figure in the U.S who has tried to censor the press by trying to delegitimize Fox News  and got a warrant against a journalist just because he was doing investigative journalism. I’ll give Noah one hint: it was the 44th President. I hope that isn’t too obscure for him.

Finally, Noah did say there is a difference between the two leaders. According to him “Zuma doesn’t have control over South Africa’s court system” while Trump will choose “as many as four Supreme Court justices” and “dozens” of lower court justices. 

 Apparently Noah didn’t pay attention to his civics classes back in South Africa. Even a cursory look at South Africa’s constitution shows that the president appoints justices to the Supreme Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Court. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that he gets our system wrong. 

 Yes Trump can nominate justices but the Senate still needs to approve them. Having the power to appoint justices in no way gives Trump “control” over the courts. With lifetime appointments the justices have independence from the president and party that appoints them. Conservatives were reminded of this recently when justices appointed by Republicans voted to uphold Obamacare.

The Daily Show continues to be one of the main ways millennials get their news. If this segment is any indication of what Trevor Noah is feeding them it should be no surprise that they continue to be one of the most ignorant generations ever. The show has become a prime example of the blind leading the blind.



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