Alt Right “Mascot” Confuses Feminists By Not Accepting Their Feelings as Premise of Debate

Marissa Wenzke of Mashable wrote that Alt Right star Milo Yiannopoulos was “schooled” in a Thursday night interview on English TV. She said that he was “forced into a set of confusing contradictions by interviewer Cathy Newman”. The only one confused however is Wenzke because she doesn’t realize how easily Milo deflected Newman’s feeble questions.

She begins in a very un PC fashion when she calls Milo “the Millennial mascot” of the Alt Right. That phrase could be considered dehumanizing to a man who is gay and Jewish but it’s ok because she is a woman but more importantly a progressive feminist. It isn’t likely Milo would mind, he might even be proud that she took such a swipe at him.

She then begins to examine the exchange by telling us Newman confronted Milo with his past statement that women offended online should just “log off”. Newman asked “ are we supposed to just soak that up and take it all as just one big joke?” Milo responded by saying “you know perfectly well that it is a provocation designed to get people to think and perhaps to laugh.”

Wenzke believed this tripped Milo up because she wrote “rather than defending his words, he mostly tried to laugh them off.” Newsflash ladies, he wasn’t laughing at his words but at the fact that satire went right over your heads. These same women would say “are we supposed to shrug off you telling us to sell our children to the rich to be eaten as a joke?” If A Modest Proposal was written today.

Newman than attempted to get Milo to condemn his former boss,Steve Bannon, for offending people.  Milo responded by saying that he delights in offending people. He went on to say Social Justice Warriors who destroy freedom of speech by declaring speech they don’t like as hate also spread conspiracy theories including the wage gap and campus rape culture. Newman challenged him on this but as Wenzke noted he responded by saying “I care about facts, I don’t care about your feelings.” She took this as an admission by Milo that he had been stumped but it is really a sign the argument had been won.

And indeed it has, many times. Senior fellow at the Hoover institution, Thomas Sowell showed that since the 70’s, women who work continuously after high school earn more than men of the same description. It is only when there are gaps in employment, fewer hours worked or going into lower paying fields does any wage gap appear. In other words when women don’t do equal work.

What about those sexual assault statistics? Well they are based on one survey that even it’s creators recognized could have inflated numbers due to “non response bias”. The 1 out of 5 number also contradicts Justice Department numbers that showed college aged women who are students are less likely to be raped or sexually assaulted.

Feminists keep bringing these debunked arguments again and again like the girl from Mean Girls trying to make “fetch” a thing. Milo is the queen bee who says “stop trying to make the wage gap and campus rape culture a thing, it’s not gonna happen.”

The only person who got “schooled” in this interview was Newman who didn’t trip up Milo at all and didn’t launch any counterattacks against his assertions. She seemed flummoxed that she couldn’t shame him at all. Milo along with Trump have shown is the strategy all who battle the Left must use.


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