In battle over refugee ban give the Democrats what they want… all of it

Is it just me or does it seem like on the issue of immigration conservatives always lose? We have laws on who can enter the country and how yet our border is wide open to anyone who wants to cross it. We have laws that say that anyone found to be in the country illegally is to be held for deportation. 

 However we also have jurisdictions that openly flout these laws and let these criminals go free. We have had presidents who gave lip service to enforcing our laws while also trying to give amnesty to those who broke them. Furthermore we have had a president unilaterally rewrite immigration law while our “conservative” Congress watched impotently.

With the election of President Trump many of us felt that we had finally turned a corner and were finally going to enforce our borders. And for a fleeting second he actually took action to do so when he signed his travel ban executive order.However Democrats can’t allow their future voters to be stranded outside our borders. So the Democrat run state of Hawaii sued the president on the grounds his order was unconstitutional. 

Not surprisingly a Federal Judge agreed and has placed a nation wide injunction against President Trump’s executive order. District Judge Derrick Watson said the ban is unconstitutional because it discriminates against muslims. Hello ,That’s the point of an immigration system, to be able to discriminate as to who you allow to enter your country. No where in the constitution does it say that the Federal government must extend Bill of Rights protections to non citizens not within our borders. The President does however have constitutional authority over enforcing immigration law and statutory authority to block any group of people for any reason from entering the country. 

This authority was upheld by the Supreme Court when they ruled that Arizona, which had passed an immigration law had usurped federal authority. It appears that Judge Watson didn’t get the memo that states can’t dictate immigration policy to the Federal government just because you don’t like how they are enforcing it.

If the case goes to the Supreme Court and the Trump administration loses than we are in uncharted territory where the States are able to usurp federal constitutional authority. In that case the Trump administration should give the States that sued what they wanted and send all 110,000 refugees President Obama agreed to take in to those states. President Trump and Congress should also see to it that no federal funds should be made available to those States to help them handle those refugees.   

Its about time Democrats start paying a price all their virtue signaling and see how long it takes them to realize that the American people had been right all along. 


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