People Magazine Risks Alienating Readers With One Sided Political Coverage

The April 11th storyHenry Kissinger with a fashion line’: Ivanka Trump Slammed Over Suggestion She Influenced Her Dad to Bomb Syria is another example of how feminist standards don’t apply to Republican women.

 In her story, Tierny McAfee wrote that many people questioned her ability to advise her father. McAffe quotes multiple liberal Twitter users mocking the idea because of her background in the fashion industry. This despite the fact that Ivanka is a Wharton Business School where she graduated cum lauded with a Bachelor’s degree in economics.

Having promoted her to Vice President of Development and Acqusitions at the Trump organization her father obviously respects her ability to analyze data and give an informed opinion.  That by the way is the only qualification required of a presidents advisor.
This critical story in People Magazine is a far cry from the coverage Hillary Clinton received. After Bill Clinton was sworn in as President they did an interview of the First Couple and the fact that Hillary was influential in helping pick the President’s cabinet came up. There was no handwringing from People about her qualifications to do so. 

 Furthermore when Hillary Clinton was appointed head of the Task Force on National Healthcare Reform in 1993 without a speck of healthcare, business or congressional experience there was no peep from the national media on whether she was qualified to do so.

More recently and perhaps with far more damaging consequences was the appointment by President Obama appointment of Ben Rhodes as his National Security Advisor. His qualifications? He has an MFA in Creative Writing. Surprisingly a Google search produced no People Magazine stories about his qualifications. That degree did come in handy for the President when he needed to create a phony story to gin up support for his disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

 Continuing to produce such one sided political commentary risks alienating a huge portion of American women as polling showed around 42% of women voted for Trump. If People Magazine does decide to keep publishing such biased stories I have some advice: change your name to Liberal People Magazine because those are the only ones who will be reading you


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