Cosmopolitan Magazine Joins Media Efforts to Spin Comey’s Congressional Testimony 

Cosmopolitan grabbed the attention of its readers with the flashy headline James Comey Just Called President Trump a Liar . Sorry Cosmo readers, Comey didn’t say that the president lied about colluding with Russia. No he said that the president lied about how the FBI viewed him as their boss. Talk about an ego. 

 However the presidents claim that the FBI rank and file had “lost confidence” in their boss wasn’t a claim original to him. It was a claim that many media outlets such as Politico had made as far back as November. If Trump was lying it was just that he was putting too much stock in media reports. You could say he was a victim of fake news.

The story continues on by relating why notes were taken of his meetings with the president “I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.” He was so worried about this and yet not one thing Trump said about their meetings was false. Comey confirmed that in fact he did tell the president three times he wasn’t the target of an investigation. Furthermore Trump was correct in his assessment that the former FBI chief was a leaker when he admitted that he leaked his notes of these meetings to the press. 

Finally Cosmo said “He (Comey) diluted Trump’s assertion that the investigation into whether his campaign collided with the Russian government to sway the 2016 election is fake news.”
However this is not what was testified. He told Congress just that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election and the fake news the president was complaining about is that his campaign colluded with them. Comey’s testimony blew this narrative out of the water. He admitted that one such story was “almost completely wrong.” 

 The testimony on this front was so bad for those hoping for collusion even Chris Matthews was forced to say “the assumption of the critics of the president… is that somewhere along the line in the last year is the president had something to do with colluding with Russians… and yet what came apart this morning was that theory.”

So congratulations to Cosmopolitan, with a flashy headline and rhetorical sleight of hand you provided your readers a skewed view of Comey’s testimony


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