HuffPost Declares That Race Determines National Identity 

When it comes to hypocrisy liberals know no bounds, as the HuffPost piece A White Person Wrote ‘Why Anyone Can Be Chinese’ and It’s A Checklist In Privilege, demonstrates. Kimberly Yam, the author of the piece argues that it is white privilege for Daniel Bell, a white dean at a Chinese university to want to be considered Chinese. However I would argue that having minority status means that the only privilege being demonstrated is by those Chinese who won’t accept a white man fully into their culture.

Yam first claims that Bell is “not looking at identity through the lens of the Chinese.” This lens is shown to be wholly racial. She says that “Bell isn’t someone whose family has been brought up in China through generations, communicating through insider references. His ancestors haven’t lived through events like the opium wars or the cultural revolution that have shaped the populations outlook.   

Taking this same logic one could say non white immigrants to America hadn’t gone through the Great Depression and World War II so obviously they don’t know what it’s like to be fully American. This would lead one to ask how a Chinese American really appreciate Constitutional government since their ancestors haven’t been imbued with “insider references” of the Enlightenment and European political theory for generations? 

Yam claims that Bell’s views of citizenship and belonging are Western and “can’t be willy-nilly applied to any other place.” So Western views that are incompatible with Chinese culture must be discarded but the United States and Europe must willy-nilly accept millions of immigrants whose values diverge from theirs or they are racist? 

Bell bemoaned the fact that he isn’t considered Chinese despite trying to conform to Chinese traits and customs but Yam was having none of that argument “identity isn’t so simple as checking traits off a list” she declared. This is a big break from liberal orthodoxy which says that a white woman can be black, a man can be a woman and a child born to an illegal alien in America is automatically American.   

So wanting to be Chinese, speaking Chinese and acting culturally Chinese doesn’t make one Chinese? However not speaking English, not dressing Western, not accepting Western values and then blowing up people in the name of Allah makes you English according to our media?

The piece concludes by asking “are there not deeper shared values that are more important to explore than a European Canadian wanting to be accepted as Chinese”? Yes there is a deeper shared value here and that is to allow all nations to be free to accept who is really part of their society without being labeled racist. If HuffPost can do it for China they can do it for Western nations as well. 



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